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I have known Mrs. Villegas for approximately 10 years, in both a personal and professional capacity.  She and I have been foster parents for Our Small World Foster Agency.  We have also provided licensed child care services to the community.  During the time that I have know Mrs. Villegas, I have seen her to be a responsible person, who has demonstrated much passion towards the care of the children.  Mrs Villegas has an excellent rapport with many of the Social Workers in Orange County and many other foster parents.  


    On a personal level, Mrs. Villegas has helped me by connecting me to community resources that she has used.  She has provided me with guidance and support in the process of my own search for resources.  I would highly support Mrs. Villegas in her outreach efforts to provide community resources to the family's in the community.  I consider her to be a strong pillar in the field of advocacy for families in need of guidance and direction.       

-Paola Meza

I want to thank Mrs. Villegas for all the information that she has provided for me. My son has autism and I wouldn't have known where to start if it weren't for her help. She gave me information for the autism center and she told me how to apply. She also informed me of the rights for children with special have. he was kind enough to guide me on the path of an agency which helped me understand the rights of the children and how to make sure they are fairly enforced. 

-- Edgar (son) & Lucero Flores (Mom)


I have known Laura for quite some time now. She is a great support for me and has helped with many of the cases I have had. When I first met her I had just become a foster parent. Whenever I needed help I knew I could reach out to her and she would give me the guidance and support in everything I needed. She has been a big help to me when I needed it most. Without her I don't know if I would have all the knowledge I have now. She has great resources and knows where to go for any services needed.

-- Roberta Castañeda

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